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The IWVGA Wants a Conveyance System But Does Not Understand The Costs

The actions of the Indian Wells Valley Groundwater Authority demand public scrutiny.

As we all are aware, the Authority has proposed the development of the Imported Water Conveyance System Project.

Below you will find a compelling letter authored by the Indian Wells Valley Water District outlining several areas where the Authority has yet to demonstrate they have a full understanding of the costs associated with the Project.

From the Authority’s own board packet (also below) -

Updated cost estimate in PDR—$200,536,000, includes 20% Contingency (August 2023)

• These estimates do not include the following:

      • Land Acquisition

      • Permanent easements, temporary construction easements, and fee property

      • Construction Administration

      • Permitting Fees

      • Credits on existing conservation easements for sensitive species take (mitigation)

We trust this information will help spark a constructive dialogue about the future of our groundwater resources.

Download PDF • 317KB

Download PDF • 7.51MB

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